Destiny’s Child

She approached me one mysterious night
a note in her left hand a rose on her right
I think I love you, she whispered in my ear
her face unfamiliar, her motive unclear
how do you know? I asked this lass
I fail to recall if we shared the same past
Destiny told me, she quickly replied
but your name escapes me and that I can't hide

It's never been said for you to have know
I'll tell you, she said, when we're alone

I followed her eyes to a secluded place
she eased me down, we sat face to face
she had emerald green eyes and chestnut hair
I wanted to touch her, but I wouldn't dare
on her soft pale face rested a smile
confessing her love she had no denial
still I was lost to her identity
will you confess your name to me?

You will know before the end of the night
I'll tell you, she said, when the time is right

In her eyes I was lost in a trance
when she spoke my heart would dance
never have I met a girl like this
then she leaned over and gave me a kiss
more potent than any earthly high
her skin would glow under the moonlit sky
I could not guess what her name could be
waiting for this angel to divulge it to me

Tell me, I cried, this is driving me wild
I'll tell you, she said, I'm Destiny's Child

Am I crazy or is this just a dream?
or am I a victim of someone's evil scheme?
I tried to appear convinced
but my eyes were dropping her hints
is there any reason why we should be apart?
do you share your love with another hear?
I confess that I am in love
with a woman sent to me from heavan above

Tell me who, she said, it's driving me wild
I'll tell you, I said, with Destiny's Child

Words by: Nick Stephens
Music by: Nick Stephens and Mark Whittaker