Full Moon Girl

In a time when the world was to-ing and fro-ing,
 The sun would come up and the moon was a going,
 To swim in the water or hide in the trees,
 Is the man in there smiling?
 Won’t you tell me this please?
 Well, sometimes I’ve seen…
 A girl up there too…
 With shiny red lips,
 And a curly red do,
 Her eyes, I don’t know
 What color they be,
 They’re shut all the time,
 So I can’t really see,
 With a blink of your eyes,
 First it’s him, then it’s her,
 It’s up to your own mind
 Just how to decipher…
 The man on the moon, and this tale that’s not tall,
 Someday you will find, your imagination and all

Words and Music by: Mark Whittaker