Never Come Down

I look up to the sky
my eyes wonder why
I can't fly
then my mind comes back to me
for awhile

I'm walking down the street
with a lonely heart's beat
coming from my feet
leaving footsteps in the rain
for awhile

I look into my dreams
nothing is what it seems
I wonder what it means
then my heart sings to me
for awhile

I dream of fields of grass
where everybody laughs
I want to make it last
'cause I'm higher than the trees
for now...

...and I'll never come down

Standing out in a crowd
feel our hearts beat loud
without making a sound
let the sun shine down on us
for awhile

We're up in the stars
not going very far
lightning bugs in a jar
we'll be just fine right here
for now...

...and I'll never come down

And I love you
I always have
and I need you
so bad...

...and I'll never come down
I got nothing to fear
Everything is clear
It's just you and me up here

Words and Music by: Nick Stephens and Mark Whittaker