Raging On

Staring at the cross with Halloween eyes, 
candle in the horizon of Jack-o-lantern skies
Listen to the soul of the grandfather’s calling, 
somebody help me I think I’m falling

Echoes of history on this hollow’s eve, 
carpe diem is what we learn to believe
Faces of fright oh what a sight, 
no chance of tomorrow in this never ending night.

Trick or treat, feel the beat, the sun is gone and I’m raging on
Behind the mask, the night will last, the sun is gone and I’m raging on

Listen to the heartbeat of the savior’s blood, 
string of stars the light will flood
Gift of life in cellophane skin, 
beg for love and forgive your sins

Tell the tale of the three wise men, 
journey to the child that he has sent
We have faith but we bend the rules, 
Jesus Christ is the king of fools

Happy birthday on Christmas day, the Son is gone and I’m raging on
We’ll remember in late December, the Son is gone and I’m raging on

Now I’ve lived a life of greed, 
what I want is what I need
Take your turn I cut in line, 
what’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine

Maybe you’ll learn you must depend, 
share this world with other men
Take your time it’s not too late, 
it’s hard to trust and easy to hate

The sun is back and I’ll take the slack, the greed is gone but I’m raging on
The Son is here, now don’t you fear, so come on, I’m raging on

Words by: Nick Stephens
Music by: Nick Stephens and Mark Whittaker