Revolution Man

When societies are on their knees and all their spirits gone
And angry men have all been spent and all their pride is torn
Superman turned and ran and Batman’s for the birds
There’s just one chosen one, still waiting to be heard.

He rides in on the changing wind when cataclysm’s born
The king dethroned, the queen’s been stoned, farewell to civil norm
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men are gone and on the lamb
Cause the storm has come with the chosen one…Revolution Man

Here are we 20th century and things are getting hot
The king is Pres. and the queen is, well, she ain’t the queen of Scots
All the king’s men are wearing three piece suits, their widows driving jags
On the front steps of the house of white there sits a burning bag

Men might scream but what’s a Rush, he ain’t the chosen one
What you gonna do, who you gonna call, Peter’s basking in the sun
Shall I request we get the best who’ll know just where we stand
The storm has come with the chosen one…Revolution Man

Words and Music by: Nick Stephens